Business incubator “EcoBizCenter”

Business incubator "EcoBizCenter" is the pilot project of the Center of Environmental Business Support and Assistance that is aimed for the development of innovative infrastructure of support of  small and mid-size business in the sector of ecological technology and recycling
The mission of EcoBizCenter
We help entrepreneurs to create and develop business in the sphere of recycling and ecological technology
The activity of EcoBizCenter is aimed for:
1. Detection and elaboration of effective technologies, innovations and business-models for small and mid-size business in the sphere of waste management and resource-saving, which are capable of inducing substantial positive changes:
• In the ecological situation of the region – in the section of utilization of waste and improvement in the quality of environment
• In the behavioral model of population and companies – in the section of ecological and social responsibility
2.  Assistance to entrepreneurs in the creation and development of effective ecological business: introduction and duplication of the best ecological technologies and practices of waste management
Target audience
The project contributes to the solution of the problems of waste management through involvement of small and mid-size business in ecological entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs – industrial, service companies and start-up teams that are engaged in the resource-saving and improvement in the quality of the environment
We provide services to the entrepreneurs of ecological sector (beginners and already working firms) to support the creation and development of ecological business and introduction of social and ecological technologies
Developers of technologies – scientific production, technological, engineering companies and start-up teams
We assist companies-developers of technologies with commercialization of technical, social, organization innovations in the sphere of waste management, protection of environment and resource- saving
We offer
• Available, qualified, technological business-expertise of projects in the sphere of ecological entrepreneurship. Support, maintenance and promotion of projects
• Elaboration, introduction, and training of cost-effective business-technologies to the staff of the start-up teams
• Services of experienced experts, coaches and mentors from the real sector of economy
• Platform for technological and intersectoral interaction of the participants of the market  
Separately provided services
Informational, marketing services, training sessions, consulting, expertise and investigations, communications, etc.
Complex services
Acceleration program of support and maintenance of the projects in the sphere of ecological entrepreneurship: the package of organizational, innovative, consulting and informational services