About Our Center

The Center of Environmental Business Support and Assistance is a socially oriented non-commercial organization
The Center is created for the solution of the problems of waste management and improvement of the quality of the environment through the involvement of small and mid-size business into the ecological entrepreneurship
Under the term “environmental business" ("ecological entrepreneurship”), we consider entrepreneurial activity that is directed towards:
• Protection and improvement of the quality of the environment
• Minimization of the negative influence of economic system on the environment
• Ensuring ecological security
• Resource- saving
Mission of the Center
Formation of the demand for the ecological and resource- saving technologies in the Russian society and business
Main aims of the Center
• Introduction of the best available ecological technologies in Russia
• Involvement of the small and mid-size business in the ecological and social entrepreneurship
• Assistance in the attraction and increase of the effectiveness of investment to the ecological sector of the economy
• Development of the innovation infrastructure of support of the small and mid-size business in the sector of ecological technologies and recycling
• Involvement of the youth into the ecological entrepreneurship, professional orientation of the youth, preparation for the work in the hi-tech companies
• Support of the intersectoral partnership of the state, business and society in solving the problems of protection of the environment, utilization of the waste, increase of the quality of life of the population and improvement of the investment climate in Russia.